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Hailing from northwest Illinois, and now residing in Spokane, Washington, Hayes Noble has built a solid following since home recording his first demos in 2021. Growing up in small-town rural America, with not much to do and nowhere to go, Hayes spent much of his time in the basement blasting records and working out songs. Raised on a steady diet of obscure noise and classic cuts, the multi-instrumentalist comes from a home where DIY punk ethics laid the groundwork, music plays a central role, and tastes span the decades. From 60's soul to various shades of metal, and everything in between, the stacks of CDs and vinyl have provided influences cutting across genres and eras. Drawing on inspiration from artists as wide ranging as Todd Rundgren, Ian MacKaye, and Doug Martsch, Hayes is building a sound drawn from home and abroad, yet uniquely his own. This isn't throwback cosplay, but that age-old phenomenon that occurs when bored kids find guitars and the magic of pedals and loud amplifiers, pushing beyond influences to make something raw and exciting.


What others are saying about Hayes Noble's


“...it amazes me that Noble is only seventeen... for a first album, this has a helluva lot going for it and any fans of the slacker, fuzzy guitar sound will dig this.” 

“Hayes Noble brings forth a shoegaze wall of sound...the songs are tight and engaging... a warm and fuzzy good listen.” 

“...a fresh sounding nod to the likes of late 80’s post-punk greats like Sonic Youth and Husker Dü with plenty of originality to spare.”  

“This coming-of-age noise rocker is blazing a new trail in a town with no scene, coming from small town middle America.”

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  • Upcoming Dates

    May 5 - Tacoma, WA @ Little Fest

    May 10 - Coeur d’Alene, ID @ Black Lodge Brewing

    May 18 - Spokane, WA @ The Big Dipper

    May 24 - Richland, WA @ Uptown Theater

    May 25 - Bellingham, WA @ Karate Church

    May 26 - Seattle, WA @ Lucky Liquor 

    June 21 - Spokane, WA @ nYne Bar (album release show).

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    2023 Spring Tour


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