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Erica Parrott



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Watercolor portrait of Fasia Jansen - 5x7"

Fasia was born in Hamburg, survived the Holocaust despite being black and queer, became a folk singer and was a tireless peace activist until the end of her life.

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Erica Parrott is a figurative artist whose paintings and drawings explore a range of subjects and symbols. Her work often combines sincerity and enthusiasm with dark irony, creating a complex and intriguing interplay between the personal and the universal.

Some of the recurring themes and symbols in Parrott's work include animals, plants, human anatomy, and cultural icons. Her use of color and texture is also notable, with bold, bright hues often set against stark, minimalist backgrounds.

Parrott's art invites viewers to engage with questions about identity, power, and the meaning of existence. Her unique style and provocative subject matter have earned her a devoted following.

Parrott is a graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and is currently based in Moline, Illinois.